I’m a big fan of small businesses using social media. I think for an SME – it’s a cheap and effective way to market your up-and-coming brand. Only, that is, if it’s done properly. Hence why this guide from Simply Business is such a helpful resource. You may remember I mentioned their small business guide to […]

I recently wrote a piece for my place of work @1000heads on how an ingenious band managed to make money from Spotify – without actually having any music. It’s a pretty clever stunt, give it a read here if you have a second.

Just launched this week, the World Pay Zinc visualisation shows how much money Tech companies make in real time. It’s pretty shocking… Click image to open interactive version (via WorldPay Zinc). Samsung wins the ‘fastest money maker’ race but Apple comes out top for profit. Twitter and LinkedIn on the other hand lag somewhat behind, […]

Big Data, Beautiful Science I recently visited the Beautiful Science exhibition at The British Library in London. I was really struck by the role Big Data and its visualisation has to play in our understanding of the world around us. Naturally, I felt this was a perfect thing to blog about and have written a post on […]

  What are my two favourite things? That’s right – social media & potatoes. Actually – it’s social media and burgers, but you need fries with your burger, and they are potatoes. Potatoes are great. Which is why Birds Eye have done something utterly fabulous and will begin retailing #Mashtags – social media potato chips – […]

Is it time we ask more from our community? Should they be content with mediocre content? It’s a pretty vapid term, but ‘content marketing’, appeared to be the word of 2013 (whatever the Oxford Dictionary might say). The internet is currently falling over itself with advice on how to make the most from your ‘content’, […]

5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog I’ve been trying to get to know Pinterest for a while – and I have to admit, it’s something I pick up and put down quite a lot. That said, I thought it might be quite interesting to see what happens when I try and turn […]

As the social platforms begin to homogenise – I guess it’s no surprise that Pinterest have begun to experiment with gifs. It’s perhaps a tad surprising this functionality isn’t already supported. You can already pin YouTube videos to your board and Pinterest is of course absolutely littered with still ‘hilarious’ memes. Gifs are therefore, clearly […]

I am on Twitter more than most. I can safely say that Twitter is the home to all of my useless facts, thoughts and general incessant nattertings. It is because of this I can tell you exactly what not to tweet unless you want to piss absolutely everyone off. This is very much a ‘do […]

Just a quick one to let you all know that Ed Balls may have inadvertently just won at Twitter again. The official @nick_clegg Twitter account tweeted “Ed Balls” earlier… And this was Ed’s incredible reply. More to come on this as I track down and find out which incredible intern at Number-not-quite-10 was responsible for […]